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Fixer playtesters needed!

This is the new prototype for Fixer, printed by Ivory Graphics based here in the UK. They produce good quality print on demand games with a decent range of components. I’ll be sending out prototypes soon to eager playtesters, if you’re interested in trying out prototypes from Adversity Games such as Nightlancer, Fixer or Kickboxer…

Adversity Games 2019 events

The latest event lineup for Adversity Games next year! Handycon – 19th/20th January – Maidenead – Handycon has always been a good experience so I’m happy to be going back for another show and I’ll be playtesting one of my games. Birmingham Boardgame Bash – 9th February – Birmingham – This is a really positive…

Dirty double-dealing at BBB5

Playtesting Fixer at Birmingham Boardgame Bash 5 – good testing of features and ideas for the new version! No more Junkie Grind!…

Birmingham Boardgame Bash and Dragonmeet

The next two events for Adversity games are Birmingham Boardgame Bash 5 at Meeple Mayhem in Birmingham on 17 November and Dragonmeet at Novotel London West on 1st December. At Birmingham Boardgame Bash 5 I will be playtesting Fixer Fixer is the cyberpunk deck-building game with unique supply and demand mechanics and a wide variety…

Oddcon and Dragonmeet

The next upcoming events for Adversity Games: Oddcon on 12-14th October at the Park Inn Telford – My first time at this event and looking forward to seeing something new. Dragonmeet on 1st December at Novotel London West – Returning for my second year at Dragonmeet. I’ll be continuing to demo Nightlancer at these events…

Birmingham Boardgame Bash 4 – Arachnida

I took Arachnida along for some playtesting thanks to Birmingham Boardgame Bash 4 and got a lot of positive feedback and helpful input on the game. Arachnida     I’m really pleased that players enjoyed all the information they could learn about some of the fascinating traits different spiders have.   You can always see…

Return to Handycon

Handycon playtest, new Opportunity graphics and future convention appearances!
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Nightlancer status and schedule

Streets phase development and ongoing artwork news. Next exhibit at Dragonsmeet in London. Kickstarter launch in mid-2018!

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Streets phase development

Further development of the new Streets phase, read more….

Progress and development

#Nightlancer progress, testing and #Kickstarter planning. Other #gamedev. Mailing list….