The next two events for Adversity games are Birmingham Boardgame Bash 5 at Meeple Mayhem in Birmingham on 17 November and Dragonmeet at Novotel London West on 1st December.

At Birmingham Boardgame Bash 5 I will be playtesting Fixer

Fixer is the cyberpunk deck-building game with unique supply and demand mechanics and a wide variety of different deck combinations for extensive replay value. For 2-4 players, 1-2 hours play time.

At Dragonmeet I will be demoing Nightlancer games, including the option to play competitively or cooperatively.

Nightlancer is the cutthroat cyberpunk game where you exploit your contact network, buy hardware from the black market and edge out your competition for the best scores. Nightlancer is for 2-4 players with 2+ hour play time (demo games will be 1+ hours).

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