The Nightlancer cooperative rules have been a subject of interest, as it offers an entire extra way of playing Nightlancer and gives you two different games in the box.

But what is Nightlancer cooperative play like?


In cooperative play, all of the players form a combined team of Nightlancers. They must stick together and work together, sharing resources and supporting each other, in order to stick together as a team! They need to find the path that – rather than providing individual advancement – requires that they will advance together and no-one gets too far ahead.

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The playable Nightlancers


They must strive to keep advancing fast enough, or they will start to lose their Ideals as they lose confidence in the team sticking together. If any player runs out of Ideals then the team breaks up and the players lose!


They are also not alone in the underworld! A rival will interfere in their actions – blocking out missions, interfering during the Streets phase and sending their contacts to disrupt the team.


The cooperative rules are still going through final playtesting and fine tuning.

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