The latest event lineup for Adversity Games next year!

  • Handycon – 19th/20th January – Maidenead – Handycon has always been a good experience so I’m happy to be going back for another show and I’ll be playtesting one of my games.
  • Birmingham Boardgame Bash – 9th February – Birmingham – This is a really positive friendly playtesting event with helpful organisers, to give all comers the opportunity to playtest their games. I expect to just be helping playtest others’ games at this event, but it’s still a good opportunity to come along and try out upcoming games.
  • Concord – 23rd February – Bristol – With the new venue this year I’m looking forward to demoing at Concord in Bristo
  • Uncon – 6th/7th April – Broadstairs – Trying out a new event this year in Kent, I’ll be at Uncon the unconventional convention for the whole weekend to demo and play games.
  • UK Games Expo – 31st May-2nd June – Birmingham – My fourth consecutive year at UKGE, third year demoing, and looking forward to an action packed 3 days at the show.

More details to come closer to each event.

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