Streets phase development

Development and testing continues on the Streets phase. Results are very positive so far and in line with expectations.

  • Increased clarity of the Streets phase actions available
  • Players will always have actions in every Streets phase
  • Runaway leaders are curbed by having a limit to the number of actions they can perform

The current factors being developed:

  • Making the streets phase actions restricted enough to be competitive but not so much as to be unable to do anything
  • Fully bringing the theme into the set of actions, so the Streets phase remains fully part of the Nightlancer experience


New actions

There are some new actions going into the new Streets phase, which ensure players always have options and they bring interesting new thematic elements to life

Make connections

Meet and greet with the Nightlancer night life to make more Contacts.


Hustling the streets looking for small time gigs to get some KC, various criminal activities that are lucrative but don’t bring the danger or rewards of a full mission.

Hard work

If there are no hustles to get in on, do some honest hard work! It will be physically or mentally draining but gives everyone a way of making KC on the side.

Resting up

If your Nightlancer is fit for nothing else they can just rest up a little, regaining a little Health or Resolve.

Cover tracks

Let go of some of your connections (Contact or Opportunity cards) to make it harder for the authorities to follow your trail, so reducing your Heat.


All of the old actions still remain: Prospects, Opportunities, Loans and Black Market actions are available as usual.


All together the new options allow you many more options if you’ve managed to end up stuck in a tight spot with a shortage of resources or excess of Heat.

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