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Nightlancer Kickstarter coming to an end

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It’s the last two days of the Kickstarter campaign for Nightlancer and it looks like the campaign will not fund successfully. I’m going to be launching Nightlancer again on Kickstarter in 2017.

Read more about the plan for the future of Nightlancer.

Progress and development

#Nightlancer progress, testing and #Kickstarter planning. Other #gamedev. Mailing list.

Too hard for you?

Some comments about Nightlancer from Cerberus and Mongoose

Fixer game page added to development area

We now have a page for Fixer: A Nightlancer game in the development area. Click here to see it. Share This:

Adversity Games at the UK Games Expo

Adversity Games will be at the UK Games Expo again this year. The latest and greatest Nightlancer prototype will be available if you want to take a look or playtest it. It will be there for the weekend (4th and 5th of June). Share This:

Nightlancer v19 TGC prototype

The new Nightlancer prototype from The Games Crafter has arrived and looks great, see the prototype unboxing pics. Share This:

Adversity Games home page update

Adversity Games has now moved to a new url. Share This:

Result at the UK Games Expo

The UK Games Expo was a good opportunity to meet wholesalers, retailers and many other interesting game designers. There are a lot of finished games coming through Kickstarter. Nightlancer was playtested for a total of about 4 hours, including 8 playtesters all with different points of view and ideas and some great feedback was given…

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