It’s the last two days of the Kickstarter campaign for Nightlancer and it looks like the campaign will not fund successfully. I’m going to be launching Nightlancer again on Kickstarter in 2017.

In the coming months I’ll be working on preparing for the next Nightlancer launch (more details below). I will also be working on the other games I have in development and putting out updates. I’ll get more artwork for the game completed myself and share the progress.

Thanks to everyone who has backed the Nightlancer campaign. You can see all the exciting progress in artwork and development through this newsletter and by following Nightlancer and Adversity Games on Facebook and Twitter.


Improving for 2017 relaunch

I think there are four reasons for the campaign failing:
1. Lack of final artwork
2. Reviews based on a prototype that had some flaws
3. Lack of awareness in advance of the campaign
4. Some flaws on the Kickstarter campaign itself

I will address these problems before I launch again.

1. Over the coming months I will continue to fund the artwork for Nightlancer myself. Then when it comes to launching again prospective backers will get a much clearer idea of what the game will look like and judge its worth better. This will also mean the target of the campaign will be less.

2. I will get a new, final prototype which addresses the issues that were in the prototype that reviewers had access to. I will get this final version out to as many more reviewers as I can.

3. I will attend games conventions and continue to spread the word online to continue to increase awareness and interest in making this game reach production. I will certainly attend the UK Games Expo in Birmingham in 2017 where you can come along to see my games in development.

4. Since I will have a new prototype with final artwork, I will make a new and better quality introduction video. I will also make a gameplay video showing more of the game in depth. Finally I will come up with new ways to add extra content and bonuses for backers.

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