Wasters RPG

Wasters RPG

The Wasters RPG is an Old School Revival RPG in development using adapted B/X rules.

Players become wasters, cast out by the inner city into the anarchic wastes. They must carve out a niche of their own in the wastes. Rebuild the wastes, or utterly destroy them (there are nukes).

Wasters will feature a general-purpose set of rules for running a cyberpunk-themed game in B/X rules, which can be easily adapted to your favourite cyberpunk setting (even Nightlancer). It will also have a wasters campaign setting, featuring procedurally generated city blocks and events for your Wasters to explore and influence.

  • Features enemies inspired by many well-known cyberpunk origins.
  • Light and fast rules. Generate a character in 5 minutes and just start playing.
  • Brutal high-stakes combat. Set a new record for your personal PC deaths, but your characters that survive will have earned it.
  • Explore abandoned ruins for lost tech.
  • Fight turf wars against gangs.
  • Overthrow the police or corporations.
  • Negotiate with weird hermits.
  • Become the latest meal of psychotic raiders.
  • Help out poor sad urchins (who then pick your pockets).
  • Get crushed under the feet of massive security droids.
  • Take a coffee jug to the face when confronted with haywire service bots.
  • Implant new cyberware without really knowing what it does.
  • Hack cyberspace without needing a whole new set of rules.
  • Actually have cyberspace combat in parallel with real world combat.
  • The cyberspace rules are less than a page. Anyone can play a hacker, not just people who want to read extra chapter(s) of rules.

Join the Wasters playtesting on the Adversity Games Discord server.

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