These games are currently in development by Adversity Games:

Nightlancer (final prototype)

Nightlancer is a competitive game for 1-4 players set in a near-future transhuman dystopia. The players compete for victory and can interfere with each other’s plan, but they often have the opportunity to trade and cooperate for mutual gain. It features elements of calculated risks, resource management, pool building and character building. There are optional rules for cooperative play.

Arachnida (early stage design, preliminary playtesting)

A strategy game for 2-6 players. Guide your spider breed to victory over the other breeds! Many different special gene traits and abilities make every game different.

Kickboxer (late stage design and playtesting)

In this two-stage deck-building/card game, train your fighter then fight your opponent! The last man standing is the winner!

Fixer: A Nightlancer game (late stage design and playtesting)

A deck-building game for 2-4 players. Strive to be the most notorious and successful fixer, making deals and staking your claim on the dystopian underworld.

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Hi there,

I saw your kickstarter thanks to a link on another kickstarter I’m backing and thought I’d contact you as I’m looking to talk/meet up with, a game developer to get some kind of idea as to where I start with the whole ‘getting a game published’

I’ve basically made a game, playtested with a few different groups, and am looking for some pointers/help!

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    Adversity Games

    HI Adam

    Which other Kickstarter brought you to Nightlancer?

    A good place to look for guidance as a beginner designer is the Board Game Designers Forum: