Nightlancer board game

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Nightlancer board game

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Nightlancer the competitive cyberpunk board game. Survive the crumbling dystopia. 1-4 players, 60-120 minutes.

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You jack into the dark cyberpunk world of 2099 Birmingham, England. You will guide your Nightlancer through the risky underworld, making key choices to escape the crumbling dystopia.

In each game you will decide your Nightlancer’s underworld life. The missions you choose, the tactics you prefer, and the opportunities you create a gritty cyberpunk story. You will also choose whether you will avoid, make deals with or attempt to interfere with your rival Nightlancers. Each mission available has a unique multi-path option system, allowing you to choose the path most suited to your Nightlancer and your tactics. You’ll then earn money chips to improve your Nightlancer with cybernetics, training and other equipment.


You play Nightlancer over six rounds. In each round you will first select the mission you want to be attempt. Then to prepare for the mission you will place your action tokens in the streets phase. You could deal on the black market, make contacts, use opportunities like investments or training, or deal with the shady Euromafia. Finally at the end of the round you attempt your mission – tactically choosing the right path through the unique multi-path missions for the risks you want to take and to make use of your Nightlancer’s abilities. But beware, your opponents may interfere with you at every step! Other players could claim missions or actions before you, use their contacts to make things harder, or even gun for you in a face-off during a mission!

Nightlancer is widely loved for the deep thematic integration of the dark cyberpunk world. The core gameplay of Nightlancer is ruthlessly competitive with many opportunities to back stab your opponents and fight to the top.

Replay value

There are countless ways your game of Nightlancer can play. There are 10 unique Nightlancer characters to control each with their own skills gear and agenda. A wide range of contacts and black market cards, and 24 different missions provide countless challenges and ways of overcoming them. So no two plays of Nightlancer will be the same. Lastly solitaire and cooperative optional rules are included, creating even more possible ways for you to play.

Illustration by Manolis Frangidis

Graphic design by Christos Zabaras

6 reviews for Nightlancer board game

  1. Adam (DieRollin’)

    Great game with a lot of depth, fun and easy to learn and highly thematic. The best cyberpunk game I’ve played so far.

  2. boardchao999

    Cyberpunk/Shadowrun in a box…well in a box in 90min. Good, maybe a little one-tracked design, and some parts don’t quite feel right, but this is exactly what I wanted, being a runner in a box, looking to see if they ever expand this.

  3. Wikkid Devil

    So many ways to play and so many strategies to employ to screw over the other players. I hope you have lots of friends to play with as you may not have many left afterwards…

  4. Brian A

    Great cyberpunk adventure. I’ve only played solo so far, but having a great time figuring out the best way to meet the objectives and overcoming the AI opponent. Tons of variation included as well. It would take a long time see much repetition in this. Each mission has multiple ways to be overcome that there’s very little that’s done the same way from game to game.

  5. TheDVoid

    An amazing game, easy to pick up and fun. I enjoy the intrigue that builds up, slowly weaving your plans together to undermine your opponents and catapult yourself forward.

  6. Meeple

    This is a fun game that plays both cooperative and competitive, depending on your preference. The rules are straight-forward and easy to follow even for first-time players. The game is a great mix between strategic and roleplaying and combines elements of both. You need to really plan and weigh the risks of each mission before you go on it, and even then nothing is guaranteed as the other players might throw a wrench in your best-laid plans. But despite this the game doesn’t rely too much on the luck of the roll and allows you to take calculated risks instead.

    The characters, missions, contacts and items all have little in-game descriptions on them which really enable the roleplayer in me. You can very much see the years of work that went into the world of Nightlancer from these little touches alone.

    I recommend this game if you’re a fan of games like Lords of Waterdeep, that require planning and risk, or roleplaying board games like Descent as it can also be played cooperatively against an “AI”. The design is lightweight and the box easy to carry around for games nights with friends.

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