Graphics for the mission cards in Nightlancer have now been completed and prototypes printed. This will bring a much sharper, clearer look to the mission cards for future demo games.

There are two decks of mission cards, low profile and high profile. The higher profile missions are rarer and more difficult, but give substantially higher rewards.

On each mission you can see a progress from left to right of the three stages. At each stage you can pick one of two possible options, allowing you to select the path through the mission most fitting the capabilities of your Nightlancer. If you fail at your chosen path, you can suffer a range of penalties from gaining further Heat, facing a combat challenge as enemies find out or even failing the mission entirely.

If you can successfully navigate all three stages of the mission, you get paid! Rewards will always include an mount of Chips (money) and can additionally give you Prospects (victory points) or Opportunities (cards that can give you a variety of bonuses at a cost).

One of the pledge levels for the upcoming Nightlancer Kickstarter campaign is that you can be featured on the mission cards as an Antagonist.

If you pledge at this level an illustration will be made based upon a picture you provide and you will be immortalised as part of the game art as one of the enemies of the Nightlancers! You could be one of the tough street gangs, one of the range of different Peace Officers, one of the corporate security teams or even one of the savage and violent Shockpacks.

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