Take a look at all the latest artwork that has been revealed for Nightlancer.

  • Dominaero – Use this Gear to gain a big one-time bonus to a Streetwise challenge when you need that edge. The drugs in this package work with your own biochemistry to produce pheromones that allow you to influence susceptible minds, though the effect of the drugs on your system will test your Resolve.
  • Target rifle – This is the choice for a marksman on a tight budget. it’s a Weapon that gives you a good bonus to Marksman challenges and a small bonus to Gunfight challenges too. Beside the lower price, the advantage of this over the more powerful Sniper Rifle is it is compact enough to offer a bonus in Melee challenges as well! It’s Loud and Obvious, so it can’t be used on Stealthy or Incognito missions,
  • Pop-up gun – This Cyberweapon is a built-in submachinegun, giving you impressive firepower in Melee or Gunfight challenges while also not taking up any of your Loadout space. It’s a Loud weapon though, so be careful not to overuse it and draw too much Heat!

Follow the links for each item to find out from Cerberus and Mongoose, the rulebook advisers, what they think of these items. Keep up with all the updates and commentary from Cerberus and Mongoose by following the Nightlancer facebook page.

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