In the process of working through all my feedback notes and ideas to sort and organise them, I go through classifying them in one of three ways: Now, Not Now or Not Ever.


Now means just that. It’s a good idea/bit of feedback and I’m going to take action on it either right away (for a simple change) or at least soon (for more complex changes).

Not Now means not in the basic release of Nightlancer. I like the idea, but it would take adding a significant amount to the game or trying to jam it in with everything else. Nightlancer is at a good, balanced stage right now and doesn’t need any more features to be a good game. I’m holding the idea in reserve for a Nightlancer expansion in future.

Not Ever means it’s a terrible idea and I’ll never act on it. It’s typically something I wrote down on the spur of the moment, but then when I think it through seriously it turns out to have major unwanted consequences for the game.


Here’s the latest Not Now items I’ve set aside, to come back to later in an expansion pack.

  • Cyberware that gives Prospects (something that doesn’t help in the Nightlancer life but does help with long-term lifespan eg longevity treatments/enhanced vital organs/cell rejuvenator)
  • A contact card that lets you take another turn in the Streets phase right away
  • A contact card that forces another player to discard a card
  • A contact that lets you look at your opponent’s hand and take a card (very powerful! Need something to offset it)
  • A contact that lets you draw from a discard pile (dumpster diver? scrap technician?)
  • A contact that allows you to attempt a demolitions challenge (an anarchist? a street chemist?)
  • A one-shot gear item that lets you perform cracking (some automated device with cracking software)
  • A one-shot gear item that lets you attempt a distraction challenge (noise maker? diversion drone?)
  • Agendas that you can only trigger if OTHER players have certain agendas
  • Contacts that let you regain a point of Health or Resolve (a paramedic/therapist?)
  • A Nightlancer with extra (or 0) income per round
  • A Nightlancer with extra (or 0) Contact card draws per round

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