It was great to meet so many interested players at UK Games Expo 2017!

A lot of people were eager to take their time at the UK Games Expo to sit down for a full game of Nightlancer, we had games in progress for the almost the whole exhibit and planned ahead with some players so they could come back later and try it out.

Thanks to backers from the unsuccessful Kickstarter from last year who came by to say hi and try it out!

I came across a number of other interesting exhibits and some great cosplay. It was good to see so all the other great exhibits, as well as meet the Faith and Oligarchy teams again. I saw the Ivory Graphics stand – they print out custom games on demand and I use them for prototyping game components. It was also interesting to discover the upcoming Fallout miniatures game coming at the end of the year!

Adversity Games will be coming to more exhibits in future, stay in touch to keep up to date and find out about upcoming opportunities to try the game and see the latest artwork in person!

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