The UK Games Expo is right around the corner!

Meanwhile here is the regular Adversity Games update for Nightlancer. This brings the latest artwork for the hot tech on the Black Market.

From left to right:

  • Assault Rifle – The most fearsome Gunfight weapon in the game, while also being very flexible and able to help out in Melee and Marksman combat challenges too! But it’s Loud, Obvious and comes with a high pricetag!
  • Silenced SMG – This silenced submachinegun is a variant of the regular submachinegun. It, too is a good help in Melee or Gunfight challenges. The integral silencer makes it Obvious, unlike the normal submachinegun, but also stops it from being Loud.
  • Nerve Rebuild – This cyberware rebuilds sections of your spinal column with technological improvements, improving your precision and reaction time to give you a boost in Melee or Gunfight challenges.
  • Synapsis Drug – This single-use item gives you a short-term and powerful boost to Technical challenges, allowing you to overcome obstacles you wouldn’t normally be able to – as long as the Resolve cost doesn’t hold you back.

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