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Weapon mastery, drugged calm and neural overdrive

cyberpunk indiegame art nightlancer

A very mixed selection of new artwork in this update, a mundane item made potent instead by the specialisation of the user, exotic drugs to keep you calm under pressure and a brain implant to overdrive your reaction speed.
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Nightlancer at Gamesfest

See the Nightlancer exhibit at Gamesfest. Next exhibit Dragonmeet on 2nd December in London. Read more

Tech to strike harder, aim better, remember more

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The latest artwork for Nightlancer brings a range of technology to enhance your capabilities.
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Streets phase development

Further development of the new Streets phase, read more.

Rapid-fire play at Colours

nightlancer kickstarter cyberpunk game adversity games

Good to see the #Colours show again and I had a good time showing #Nightlancer to a new range of players. Also two more exhibits for this year.

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Nightlancer artwork update

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See the latest artwork on show for #Nightlancer.
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Nightlancer ideas for later

In the process of working through all my feedback notes and ideas to sort and organise them, I go through classifying them in one of three ways: Now, Not Now or Not Ever.   Now means just that. It’s a good idea/bit of feedback and I’m going to take action on it either right away…

Cut-throat at Handycon

indie games developer convention exhibit

Lots of new Nightlancers at Handycon, great experience, will be visiting them again. Two more conventions lined up!

Artwork update and Manorcon results

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Next exhibit on the 12th, #Manorcon results, latest #Nightlancer art.

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Exhibits and artwork

cyberpunk art nightlancer game indie

Upcoming #Nightlancer exhibits and all of the latest artwork.

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