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Nightlancer Opportunity graphics

Completed Opportunity cards graphics and the types of cards.

See the different Agenda and Skill cards

Nightlancer Contacts cards

Take a closer look at the Contact cards in Nightlancer!
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Nightlancer guns and bombs

The personal equipment of the Nightlancers, a range of weapons and explosives.
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Nightlancer special equipment

Take a look at the latest #Nightlancer artwork, special equipment unique to each of the Nightlancers.
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Nightlancer status and schedule

Streets phase development and ongoing artwork news. Next exhibit at Dragonsmeet in London. Kickstarter launch in mid-2018!

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Finished Nightlancer components!

Nightlancer final art samples revealed! See the Black Market cards and tokens here….

Weapon mastery, drugged calm and neural overdrive

A very mixed selection of new artwork in this update, a mundane item made potent instead by the specialisation of the user, exotic drugs to keep you calm under pressure and a brain implant to overdrive your reaction speed.
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Tech to strike harder, aim better, remember more

The latest artwork for Nightlancer brings a range of technology to enhance your capabilities.
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Nightlancer artwork update

See the latest artwork on show for #Nightlancer.
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Artwork update and Manorcon results

Next exhibit on the 12th, #Manorcon results, latest #Nightlancer art.

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