Manorcon was very busy from early in the morning. I arranged some players and table space to get Nightlancer out and play what turned into a very cut-throat game with players going for each other at every opportunity! But after all the dust settled, the player who had avoided all the fighting ended up ahead.He managed to avoid getting caught up in the conflict by not picking any fights, so was able to slip under the radar into a strong lead.

The next convention will be Handycon in two weeks on the 12th of August.

Convention line-up

I’ve now confirmed another upcoming convention for September now.

12th August – HandyconHoliday Inn, High Wycombe – Like Manorcon, I will be around the convention and using the open gaming area rather than having an exhibit space.

16th September – ColoursNewbury racecourse – At Colours I have organised an exhibit space to play Nightlancer all day.

21st October – GamesfestVictoria Hall, Tring – At Gamesfest I will have an exhibit space with Nightlancer for the day.

Latest Nightlancer artwork (from left to right)

  • Palm Gun – This cyberweapon fits a gun like the Hand Cannon inside the user’s forearm, not only keeping it concealed but also allowing it to be used for devastating palm strikes! This Loud weapon is useful in Melee, Gunfight and Marksman challenges.
  • Armour Clothing – An armour item that protects you from some injury when you fail a combat challenge. Though quite expensive, this armour is fully concealed and can be worn anywhere! It’s also in a classic black trench coat design, that no Nightlancer should go without.
  • Voice Stress Analyser – A cyberware upgrade that helps out with Streetwise challenges – as the producer Assimilatex says: “Who needs empathy when you have computerised hearing?”