Adversity Games will be coming to a number of upcoming exhibits in the next few months with Nightlancer. Here’s the current line-up:

22nd July – ManorconUniversity of Leicester – This is not a trade show. I will be around the convention looking for players to try Nightlancer in the open gaming area. See you in 3 weeks!

12th August – HandyconHoliday Inn, High Wycombe – Like Manorcon, I will be around the convention and using the open gaming area rather than having an exhibit.

21st October – GamesfestVictoria Hall, Tring – At Gamesfest I will have an exhibit space with Nightlancer for the day.

More details for these and others to come closer to the time.

A run-down on the latest artwork:

  • Revitaliser – This Cyberware will restore your Health in every round of play, so you don’t need to Lay Low to recover after getting hurt.
  • Plastique – This single-use Gear is a pre-packaged set of explosives and detonator, easy enough to use for anyone to attempt a Demolitions challenge.
  • Hand Cannon – A Weapon that uses high-powered ammunition to help with Gunfight and Marksman challenges. It is a Loud weapon, but can be concealed.
  • Dart Rifle – An accurate long-range weapon firing injector darts, useful in Gunfight and Marksman challenges. It fires silently, but the size makes it Obvious.

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