A very mixed selection of new artwork in this update, a mundane item made potent instead by the specialisation of the user, exotic drugs to keep you calm under pressure and a brain implant to overdrive your reaction speed.

  • Kukri – This Weapon is the unique card that the Assassin starts with. It represents not so much a weapon, rather that the weapon is so in tune with it’s user that it is an extension of his body for Melee combat.
  • Calmax – Use this Gear to get a one-time bonus to a Covert challenge, at the cost of losing Resolve to the strain on your system.
  • Neuronal booster – For a heavy toll on your Resolve, this Cyberware can keep you at peak performance in all combat challenges.

Click on the links to find out more about these items, introduced to you by the rulebook guides Cerberus and Mongoose.

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