Nightlancer came out to be played again at Gamesfest with multiple groups of players sitting down to try the game through the day! Thanks to everyone who took the time to play. For this exhibit I ran half-length demo sessions rather than full-length games. The shorter play is still enough to see all of the features of the game and get a taste for the gameplay. The benefit is that more players get a chance to experience the game and they would also have more time for the rest of the show.


This was the first time that the new Black Market cards were out to play as well as all of the game tokens with their professional art by illustrator Manolis Frangidis and graphic designer Christos Zabaras.



Some games in progress


The next exhibit for Nightlancer

2nd December – DragonmeetNovotel London West – At Dragonmeet I will also have an exhibit space for players to try Nightlancer all day, possibly running until midnight.


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