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Nightlancer card graphics

nightlancer cyberpunk scifi indie dev game art

The Nightlancer cards and what they represent.

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UK Games Expo 2018 demo table

UKGE Nightlancer indie games dev expo convention

Adversity Games will be at UKGE2018 with Nightlancer.
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Nightlancer Mission graphics

nightlancer board game graphics art cyberpunk indie dev

Graphics for the tough multi-path Mission cards in Nightlancer!

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Nightlancer Kickstarter launch 31st May

nightlancer kickstarter indiegame indiedev cyberpunk

Nightlancer Kickstarter launch on the 31st of May!
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Nightlancer status and schedule

nightlancer kickstarter cyberpunk game adversity games

Streets phase development and ongoing artwork news. Next exhibit at Dragonsmeet in London. Kickstarter launch in mid-2018!

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Nightlancer Kickstarter coming to an end

nightlancer kickstarter cyberpunk game adversity games

It’s the last two days of the Kickstarter campaign for Nightlancer and it looks like the campaign will not fund successfully. I’m going to be launching Nightlancer again on Kickstarter in 2017.

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Nightlancer Kickstarter is now live!

The Kickstarter page for Nightlancer is now live!

Nightlancer launch 4th October!

nightlancer kickstarter cyberpunk game

Nightlancer launch on the 4th of October 2016 at 14:00 GMT!

Nightlancer coming soon to Kickstarter (end of September 2016)

Nightlancer is coming soon to @kickstarter!
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