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Nightlancer launch 25th

Kickstarter launch 25th February!

Nightlancer game board graphics

Nightlancer game board cyberpunk sci fi dystopia tabletop graphics art

The new game board graphics for Nightlancer have now been finished! Christos has made a much better, sharper looking game board with clearer features which will make the game easier to play. The game board size has also been carefully chosen to fit the game box and rulebook size, allowing all the components to fit…

Nightlancer cost reduction

I’ve been taking a hard look at the components in Nightlancer and thinking about which ones I might be able to remove, without having a negative effect on the gameplay experience. This would have two advantages. It would make the game cheaper, so it would be less at stake for people who are thinking about…

Cybercracker variants

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After the vote on the Assassin art changes it was clear that a change in art direction is welcome, so next up for a review is the Cybercracker. Create your own user feedback survey Please follow and like us: Share This:

Fixer playtesters needed!

Fixer Nightlancer deck builder game tabletop indie dev cyberpunk scifi dystopia

This is the new prototype for Fixer, printed by Ivory Graphics based here in the UK. They produce good quality print on demand games with a decent range of components. I’ll be sending out prototypes soon to eager playtesters, if you’re interested in trying out prototypes from Adversity Games such as Nightlancer, Fixer or Kickboxer…

Does Nightlancer need art changes?

#nightlancer #indiedev #indiegame #scifi #cyberpunk #dystopia

The Nightlancer art has almost universally been well liked. But there have been a few recurring comments that have stuck out, so I’ve asked the illustrator Manolis to put together some colour variants of the Assassin. I’d love to hear what you think of the variants and which style you prefer! If there’s significant support…

Nightlancer cooperative rules

nightlancer kickstarter cyberpunk game adversity games

The Nightlancer cooperative rules have been a subject of interest, as it offers an entire extra way of playing Nightlancer and gives you two different games in the box. But what is Nightlancer cooperative play like? Cooperation In cooperative play, all of the players form a combined team of Nightlancers. They must stick together and…

Arachnida playtest analysis

After taking some time looking over feedback from Birmingham Boardgame Bash 4 – Arachnida these are the action points for the next edition of Arachnida: Add icons to Gene cards for each phase of the game round and for scoring, so players can tell at a glance what part of the game the card has…

New Kickboxer print v7

indie game dev kickboxer card game tabletop

A new update of the Kickboxer deck-building/fighting game has been printed thanks to Ivory Graphics! This edition features some tweaks and revisions to the rules thanks to playtesters at the Birmingham Boardgame Bash 3, to keep the fighting round fast paced and intense. In addition extra action and conditioning cards have been added. Please follow…

Nightlancer campaign ending – looking forward

nightlancer kickstarter cyberpunk game adversity games

Unfortunately the Nightlancer Kickstarter campaign has not funded successfully. I’ll be launching a new campaign for Nightlancer soon. I’m going to take some time to get my personal life in order (which has been set aside to manage the campaign for the past few months) and to also compose my thoughts on the campaign. Then…