I’ve been taking a hard look at the components in Nightlancer and thinking about which ones I might be able to remove, without having a negative effect on the gameplay experience.

This would have two advantages.

  1. It would make the game cheaper, so it would be less at stake for people who are thinking about supporting Nightlancer when I relaunch on Kickstarter.
  2. It would allow me to reduce the funding target for the Kickstarter campaign itself, making the goal easier to reach.

In the Kickstarter campaign the funding target was £17,500, with £45 as the cost (including P&P) to buy the game itself.

I’m confident I can remove and replace some components without worsening the gameplay. This involves taking out 45 playing cards, and replacing the game board with a set of mats. This would result in the cost reducing to no more than £40 with a funding target of no more than £15000.

There are some more components that I could remove, potentially removing the cost to only £35 with a funding target of £12000. I’m not as confident that this will have no adverse effect on the game, so I will putting this to test to explore whether it’s a viable change.

There is also the possibility of a Print On Demand version of Nightlancer – but obviously this would not come cheap! Depending on the amount of components included I could offer this for between £50 and £70. To offset this, I would offer a FREE copy of the final production version of the game when it is funded successfully!

What do you think?

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