Nightlancerc cyberpunk board game art

The second part of the expose on the Nightlancers in the upcoming Nightlancer board game.

See part 1 here.

The Guard – Street name: Dare. Working an ordinary job as corporate security, Dare sees the crumbling society around him. He knows it’s only a matter of time before he’s not just dealing with industrial espionage, and will have to deal with people who are just desperate for a way to survive. He needs a way out for himself and his family, and Nightlancing is the best option he has.

The Sniper – Street name: Dead Zer0. A superhuman, literally. As a hypergenic she was custom-designed as a science experiment and the company now considers her their property. She can either submit to their orders and invasive testing until they’re done with her, or find a way to buy her freedom. Nightlancing was an easy choice.

The Veteran – Street name: Raze. Bearing the burden of seeing the darkest parts of warfare, Raze is deeply troubled. But he knows state secrets and the only ‘help’ they’ll give him is to lock him away ‘for the greater good’. If he wants the freedom to come to terms with his past, he’s going to need to buy a new life far away to do it in privacy.

The Weapon Smith – Street name: Hail. She learned technology and weapons at a young age, helping out with weapon maintenance for people in the slums. She was so good, that a black market dealer decided Hail was a threat to her business and needed to be regulated. Hail just wants to trade on her own terms, and Nightlancing will pay to circumvent the system.

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