Become a Nightlancer, a struggling underdog determined not to be ground between the gears of a crumbling dystopia as it falls down around you. Do what you need to survive and escape in the ruthless slums of 2099 Birmingham. You can be cut-throat or try to get along with your  opponents, but only one of you will escape.

Take on challenging  underworld missions and come up with a strategy to exploit your skills and assets for success. In the unforgiving world you can take big risks or sacrifice your ideals for a bigger score.

Upgrade your meat with hardware; cybernetics, weapons and designer drugs will give you an edge for a price.  But to survive the collapse you'll need to build a life outside the underworld and if you wait too long to pursue your agendas it'll be too late!

• 1-4 players including optional cooperative and solitaire play variants.

• 60-120 minutes gameplay.

• Strong, integrated theme at the core of the design.

• Character building, taking calculated risks and making the most of opportunities.

• Create your individual story of your Nightlancer's struggles.

• Focus on your own journey, enter unlikely alliances or fight your rivals.

• Extensive replay with 10 unique Nightlancers and 24 varied missions.

A new event is revealed facing some or all of the Nightlancers with a challenge. The most dangerous challenges will only affect you if you've drawn a lot of attention and gained Heat.

You can then claim the available mission that you can navigate using your abilities and assets. If another player claims the mission you want, you have two options.

You could cooperate - split the money, split the risk and heat. Safer for everyone, at a lower reward.

Or you can face off with them and compete for that mission, racing for the finish and a potential head-to-head battle! Only one Nightlancer will get paid and they might wipe each other out so no-one gets anything.

In the Streets phase you prepare for your mission - make sure you don't miss your chance as the other Nightlancers are all out hustling too!

Exploit your connections and pull some dirty hustles

Buy hardware on the black market, reach out for contacts.

And if you haven't got enough money, there's always the option of taking a loan from the mob!

With your plans made, training and equipment acquired and risks calculated it's time to ace that mission! Or perhaps you're winging it and taking a lot of risks for a desperate cash grab...

Either way it's time to ready your loadout for the mission, carry extra weapons to get through any trouble or designer drugs to boost your skills!

Choose the route through the mission that fits your tactics and options best.

Use your hardware and contacts to boost your chances, and protect yourself from interference from the other Nightlancers!

Make the right choices, use your skills and assets right, and get those chips!

If you've been smooth you'll have the least Heat and you'll get to go first next round, but if you've drawn a lot of attention to yourself you'll have to go last! You also need to choose which of your connections to keep sweet so they stick around.

After the final round you get one last chance to settle your debts, ditch the Heat and earn extra prospects. Bonus prospects can come from completing additional agendas, as well as if you've held on to your ideals and mastered your skills, adding a lot of of swing to the final position!

If you have the most prospects you've made the best break from the collapse! But it's not all about the prospects, as if you've sacrificed all your ideals without getting them back there's nothing left to survive for and you can never win!

Rulebook (36 pages)

4 game mats (250mm x 200mm)

6 custom dice

85 tokens (Health, Resolve, Chips, Loans, Deals)

36 playing pieces (9 per player colour)

7 agent pieces (for solitaire and cooperative play)

175 playing cards (American standard size 56mmx87mm)

10 unique Nightlancer cards (200mm x 100mm)

24 unique mission cards (200mm x 100mm)

Customer reviews

Adam (DieRollin’)

Great game with a lot of depth, fun and easy to learn and highly thematic. The best cyberpunk game I’ve played so far.


Cyberpunk/Shadowrun in a box…well in a box in 90min. Good, maybe a little one-tracked design, and some parts don’t quite feel right, but this is exactly what I wanted, being a runner in a box, looking to see if they ever expand this.

Wikkid Devil

So many ways to play and so many strategies to employ to screw over the other players. I hope you have lots of friends to play with as you may not have many left afterwards…

Brian A

Great cyberpunk adventure. I’ve only played solo so far, but having a great time figuring out the best way to meet the objectives and overcoming the AI opponent. Tons of variation included as well. It would take a long time see much repetition in this. Each mission has multiple ways to be overcome that there’s very little that’s done the same way from game to game.


An amazing game, easy to pick up and fun. I enjoy the intrigue that builds up, slowly weaving your plans together to undermine your opponents and catapult yourself forward.


This is a fun game that plays both cooperative and competitive, depending on your preference. The rules are straight-forward and easy to follow even for first-time players. The game is a great mix between strategic and roleplaying and combines elements of both. You need to really plan and weigh the risks of each mission before you go on it, and even then nothing is guaranteed as the other players might throw a wrench in your best-laid plans. But despite this the game doesn’t rely too much on the luck of the roll and allows you to take calculated risks instead.

The characters, missions, contacts and items all have little in-game descriptions on them which really enable the roleplayer in me. You can very much see the years of work that went into the world of Nightlancer from these little touches alone.

I recommend this game if you’re a fan of games like Lords of Waterdeep, that require planning and risk, or roleplaying board games like Descent as it can also be played cooperatively against an “AI”. The design is lightweight and the box easy to carry around for games nights with friends.

Review by Level Up Board Game Podcast

"Overall it was a very interesting experience playing this game. It was a lot of fun, it really got your mind going, you got to paint the picture in your head of this bladerunner/netrunner  type of environment that you're living in a nd working in and fighting in. I want to give it a couple more tries and try it with different characters."

Full podcast episode 48 (direct link) (Nightlancer review starts at 10:15)

Review by Tabletop Tale

"There is a lot to enjoy here, from casual gamers to heavy, from worker placement to RPG to take-that. The missions may start to become familiar after a few plays but this shouldn't be a big problem when there are so many other variables. This game is well designed, well produced and well worth checking out!"

Full review

Review by Everything Board Games

"We do highly recommend this game for anyone who loves CyberPunk themes. It still manages to capture that feeling of Shadowrun : Crossfire (still one of our favorite games of all time)or Sprawl Ops that we love, but does so under its own terms and rules.

Adversity Games deserves some attention with this one. Even though some of the components could use some upgrades in the future, the gameplay is rock solid and fun—I know a game is good if my wife wants to play it again right away!

Final Score : 8.4 (at least!)"

Full review

Review by Geek Test (Française)

"Cyberpunk role-playing game as fascinating in its world as its multiple paths, Nightlancer is completely an expert in board game. However, through its different aspects (hand management, dice game, role-playing dimension in progression…), we come out with a certain clarity in understanding, despite its thirty pages of rules." (Auto-translated.)

Full review

Review by Board Games at Joel's

"Nightlancer is a fun and exciting game where there are many ways to victory. You’ll make many temporary alliances and race against each other to be the first to complete missions. If that excites you, we do recommend you check out this game!"

Full review

Review by Tabletop Tale

"Nightlancer feels like the work of a freelancer: full of heart and imagination that really shines through in the cyberpunk 🦾 world that @adversitygames has created."

Full review

Review and Gameplay overview by Jenders Gaming

Review by Dicepair Games (Español)