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Final Nightlancers

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The Nightlancers have gone through a few changes, following feedback from Nightlancer fans on the colour schemes. The majority of people who have given their feedback are now happy with this line-up and they will go into the final game. It’s not too late to share your thoughts if you’ve missed the previous surveys. If…

The Guard’s look

Trying out some variants of the Guard in Nightlancer. The Guard is an imposing individual. He’s used to keeping the peace with his presence but ready to draw his weapon if he can’t talk a problem down. Which design do you think suits him best? The playable Nightlancers From past survey results, only the Engineer…

Sniper colour variants

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The next Nightlancer for an artwork review is the Sniper – which of these do you think is best? Do you think any of the other Nightlancers still need to be changed? The playable Nightlancers The Bombshell, Engineer, Guard, Veteran and Weaponsmith could also be lined up for revision if there is enough interest. The…

Cybercracker variants

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After the vote on the Assassin art changes it was clear that a change in art direction is welcome, so next up for a review is the Cybercracker. Create your own user feedback survey Please follow and like us: Share This:

Did you select Assassin design 3?

Between the survey and other comments, there has been a clear majority preference for Assassin design number 3! Do you agree that the third design is best? You can answer in this survey. Please follow and like us: Share This:

Does Nightlancer need art changes?

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The Nightlancer art has almost universally been well liked. But there have been a few recurring comments that have stuck out, so I’ve asked the illustrator Manolis to put together some colour variants of the Assassin. I’d love to hear what you think of the variants and which style you prefer! If there’s significant support…

Round and summary cards

cyberpunk nightlancer art indie game dev

The Round and Mini-Summary cards in Nightlancer.

See how they work

Nightlancer card graphics

nightlancer cyberpunk scifi indie dev game art

The Nightlancer cards and what they represent.

Read more.

Nightlancer Mission graphics

nightlancer board game graphics art cyberpunk indie dev

Graphics for the tough multi-path Mission cards in Nightlancer!

Find out more.

Nightlancer Opportunity graphics

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Completed Opportunity cards graphics and the types of cards.

See the different Agenda and Skill cards