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This latest artwork release collection is four special items used by the Nightlancers.

  • Security Vest – Used by the Guard Nightlancer, Dare. This Armour gives protection from combat damage but unlike a normal armour vest, it can be used in public without drawing attention owing to it’s legitimacy.
  • Machine Pistol – Used by the Bombshell Nightlancer, Divale. This Weapon is a compact and potent pistol that gives a bonus in Melee and Gunfight challenges.
  • Plasma Torch – Used by the Engineer Nightlancer, Ward. This Weapon is a re-purposed industrial tool made for cutting through metal, concrete or anything else. In the hands of Ward it is a devastating Melee weapon.
  • Cyber Rig – Used by the Cyber Cracker Nightlancer, Autospook. This Gear is a custom portable computer that he can plug into directly, so enable him to bypass Cracking obstacles.

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