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This update brings a range of major cybernetic implants that appear in the Nightlancer game! It also features an additional weapon and the combat drugs.

From left to right:

  • Sniper Rifle – A pricey long range option, which is both Obvious and Loud, but the most potent choice for any Marksman combat.
  • Striker Max – A drug injector pack that will keep you doped on an exotic combination of stimulants, painkillers and mood alterers to keep you on your feet fighting fearlessly.
  • Combat Arm – A replacement arm, built for heavy combat. Bringing a powerful hydraulic crushing grip and heavy armour plating, this arm will protect you from injury and help you in Melee.
  • Cerebral Stabiliser – A device implanted in your brain, that allows you to bypass any distracting biochemical issues arising from trauma or distress and keep your mind focused.
  • Wireless Implant – Connecting your mind wirelessly to the internet places all the information in the world only a thought away.

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