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Check out the collection of all the latest artwork for Nightlancer.

In the image you can see:
Top row:

  • Arm blade – a retractable blade implanted in your forearm, providing a potent and concealable close combat weapon
  • Body plating – give yourself that extra layer of protection in the event that a combat doesn’t go your way
  • Entry tools – implant tools in your fingers that will allow you to bypass security systems
  • Audio suite – replace your hearing with an enhanced digital version to improve your stealth capabilities

Bottom row:

  • Plasma knife – a potent close combat weapon, the blade emits plasma in excess of 3000 degrees Celsius
  • Shotgun – a magazine-fed, semi-automatic close combat beast of a gun firing clusters of flechettes
  • Submachinegun – a concealable, rapid-fire weapon that brings potent firepower in a small package

Revealing some of the many special equipment, cybernetics and weaponry you can find on the Black Market in the Nightlancer game.

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