Nightlancer board game illustration

A sum-up of the recent series of exposes on the Nightlancers in the upcoming Nightlancer board game.

See part 2 here.

The Assassin – Street name: Rakshasa. A jaded underworld assassin, with little regard for human life. He wants to get away from the underworld life, so he can find something worth living for. Specialised in close combat and covert operations.

The Bombshell – Street name: Divale. An underworld bodyguard, scarred by her past and considered property of the mob. She seeks to escape her “masters” and make her own life. Specialised in streetsmarts, and close combat.

The Cybercracker – Street name: Autospook. A computer cracker, living off the grid to avoid the authorities imposing on his life. His brain is jacked right into the machine to control computers with his thoughts. Specialised in tech, computer cracking and covert operations.

The Engineer – Street name: Ward. A man of determination and confidence, enhanced with a powered exo-skeleton. Buried under loans and regulations and seeking to escape them. Specialised in technical skills and close combat.

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