Here’s the latest from Adversity Games.

First of all, the big one – Nightlancer. It’s going through final playtesting, getting a lot of positive feedback and a few negatives. A few of the negatives are on clarity, which is good news in that it means the underlying mechanics are solid and the focus is now on making the mechanics as clear to the player as possible. There have been comments on the graphics, but the majority of the graphics are in prototype form and will get a full redesign – this will be a major part of the funding needed from the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

There’s a lot of work to do in preparing for the Kickstarter and it is being worked through steadily, finding out all the necessary information for artwork, printing, shipping, fulfillment and the numerous other expenses that will be involved in getting this game published. Then there are the possibilities for reach goals, such as special editions of the game, expansion packs, and perhaps a mobile app

There’s also been a Nightlancer review from @BigGrumpyGamer on his blog and there are more reviews coming up. The prototype is available to play in Thirsty Meeples. In addition a video playthrough will be recorded soon.

Nightlancer is currently the major focus but beside that, there have been slight development and playtesting for other games: Arachnida, Kickboxer and Fixer. There have also been a few other games in development in the background, which aren’t quite ready to be brought into the public eye yet.

There’s also a new feature here on the website, a Mailing list signup form! If you sign up you will be sent updates from between once a week to once a month, with a summary of all the key development news.

The next month will be focused on finishing the plan for the Kickstarter campaign, to get Nightlancer published and available to buy. After that will be a period of intense finalising, artwork, printing, fulfillment and at long last people will be able to get their hands on the game!

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