At Adversity Games I make games where the fun is in the challenge. In my games:

  • The core mechanics are solid and functional
  • The decisions that players need to make have a significant impact
  • The outcome of decisions is about good judgement, not luck or blind guesses
  • The players interact with each other in significant ways
  • The theme is integrated into the mechanics and the game feels “whole”
  • There is adversity, and it can be overcome

Director and designer: Joseph Norris

I’m Joseph Norris, director and designer of Adversity Games. I’ve been a gamer since I was a child, starting with games such as Heroquest and Space Crusade. Before long I was playing Cyberpunk 2020, Battletech, Squad Leader, Car Wars and Warhammer 40,000. I’ve played a wide variety of game of all types. I favour challenging strategic games with a strong theme. I made my first prototype when I was 14. I decided to make Adversity Games in 2014 while I was developing Nightlancer, when I decided it was good enough to bring to production.

I have no regular employees but I work with many freelancers. I have a great appreciation of freelance work for the independence and personal responsibility that it requires.

What am I doing all this for? I want to have fun and make awesome games.

Game preferences:

Roleplaying games: Cyberpunk 2020, Dungeons and Dragons 5 and Savage Worlds

Board games: Dungeon Lords, Eclipse, Doom and Agricola

Wargames: Stargrunt, Battletech and Alpha Strike

Video games: I try a lot of FPS and driving games, as well as a few fighting games and a lot of puzzle games, I switch around a lot more with video games so it’s hard to say what my favourite is

Other interests:

I’m a huge fan of science fiction, especially the cyberpunk genre, and this shows through in the Nightlancer setting that I am developing. I count Robocop (the original one only) and Bladerunner amongst my favourite movies. I’m also a big fan of anime, particularly Ghost in the Shell. I enjoy dystopian worlds for the opportunity to cast a harsh light on the flaws of society.

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